At the heart of music is the song and the songwriter. We represent both respectively in the area of publishing. We specialize in administration and management of song copyrights, collection of royalties, accounting, and distribution of funds to copyright holders. In addition, we represent our assets, catalogs, and artists for licensing opportunities.

We treat each of our clients as a unique creator of songs. We develop and customize campaigns on a case-by-case and project-by-project basis, and lend support and advice to artists in their endeavors to create licensing opportunities and increased revenue. Little Brother wants our clients to focus on creating art while we get their backs and help them take care of business.

Little Brother Music Publishing & Artist Services was launched by Los Angeles based music publishing veteran Eddie Gomez, catering to clients with superior service and industry expertise gathered from years of working in the business. He is joined by Shilah Morrow who has years of marketing and management experience at major labels, Julie Russell who brings years of expertise on the business and administration side, and real-life little brother, Gerry Gomez, who handles operations and marketing.

Don’t get pushed around. Let Little Brother protect you and your assets.

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