The Black Marquee Los Angeles

The Black Marquee Los Angeles have delivered something that is rare these days – a quality rock album with a bit of devilment and mischief. - Soul Of A Clown
These guys don't sound like they were born in a garage - they sound like they were born on a private jet... – Classic Rock Magazine

The Black Marquee are a Los Angeles based rock band that features Vocalist guitarist, Skye Vaughn Jayne (Chelsea Smiles, Son of Sam), Bassist Vocalist, Mike Christie (Duane Peter's Gunfight) and Lead Guitarist, K Bombay (Hello Disaster, Charlie and The Valentine Killers). The group was formed in 2010 by Skye and Mike who met while touring in previous bands and realized they shared a love of Fuzz guitars and great songs. 
The group have been playing in Los Angeles and gaining a reputation for being a great live act. "We truly are the last of our kind" says, Bombay. "With trends coming in left and right in music nowadays, being a rock band is a risky proposition. But someone has to do it... and we do it very well". 
The group released their debut album, "Sessions From The Hive - Vol. 1" in 2014 and the album runs deep with their influences - Punk Rock, Stoner and Garage Rock, pop sensibilities and catchy choruses. "Being our first record, we wanted to show the range of the band. That's why we have tracks like "Madness For Some" that may seem like a total 180 from tracks like "Wolves To Flowers" adds Skye. "But in the end it still sounds like the Black Marquee". 
The group is currently demoing new tracks for an EP and plan on touring the US and Europe extensively towards the end of the year. 

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