Joe "City" Garcia

Joe City Garcia sings from a body that has shot through both heaven and hell and some of the most heartbreakingly beautiful desert landscapes that lie in between… a soulful singer of the Southwest, with yearning verses and guitar ablaze…

Urban Desert Cabaret is a space, a dynamic event, a band name… a place where Joe City Garcia sings, writes and plays. 

Since his youth in Northern New Mexico, he’s been playing and singing everything from garage-phychedelia to tex-mex folk in New Mexico, punk rock to Gregorian chant in Los Angeles and the deserts and redwood forests of California. His music breaths the great North American Southwest.

In Hollywood he formed his own bands, and also collaborated with Ted Quinn in the meteoric Dream Army at the legendary underground club, The Gaslight. From there, with Ted and a few other pilgrims, he became part of an earlier Joshua Tree, California music and art scene that revolved around Fred Drake’s groundbreaking Rancho de la Luna Recording Studio (recently featured in the Foo Fighters Sonic Highways HBO series).

In those early Joshua Tree years he was introduced to Los Angeles author/journalist/poet, Rubén Martínez, who invited him to co-write and record some music for a theatrical performance art piece called “Border Ballad.” With this and other works based on Rubén’s writing, they performed for a few years in New York City, Boston, Washington, D.C, Los Angeles, Northern California, and other places in-between.

...we all know it started with a kiss. But things have changed since then, in life 
and in art... 

During that time Joe met his wife, Joanna Fodczuk, an abstract artist from Poland. For a few years he retired from active performing and delved into a more contemplative lifestyle. After spending some time in silence and reflection, he began to feel the impulse to write, sing, and rock again in the world of music and performance.

Reemerging by playing at open-mics in L.A. coffee houses and pubs, he started to build a new repertoire. Soon he found himself reconnecting with friends from the old Hollywood scene and meeting new ones from around the world. Along the way, he and Joanna started the monthly Urban Desert Cabaret, a somewhat notorious oasis for songwriters, painters and poets in Hollywood.

In late 2013 Joanna presented an exciting and well-received solo exhibition of her work at the Beatnik Lounge in that famous and energetic desert village of Joshua Tree. On the same weekend Joe played live with his old friend, Ted Quinn, on Ted’s Radio-Free-Joshua-Tree "Sunday Evening Variety Show." That eventful weekend unlocked the horizon onto a new world, a world where Urban Desert Cabaret and Joe City are found in the desert, passionately writing, playing and recording new music.

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