John Garcia / Solo, Vista Chino, Unida

If Rock-n-Roll is personified by the Stones and Pop music by the Beatles, then Stoner Rock was born with Kyuss. From the heavy, suffocating, arid Coachella Valley and the mystic Californian desert area, came this legendary band 25 years ago. Desert Rock, debuted with few, happy gatherers among mysterious “generator parties” secretly launched deep within haunted area canyons at night. The desert sound reached definitive cult status worldwide with hardcore fans such as Dave Grohl or Metallica and Kyuss left fans in awe with their three genre-defining masterpieces: Blues For The Red Sun, Welcome To Sky Valley, as well as And The Circus Leaves Town, foretelling their split in 1995. 

Kyuss' incredible singer, John Garcia, is a howling, soulful, amazing voice somewhere between Ian Astbury’s and Glenn Danzig’s. He's also known for fronting the short-lived stoner-favorite Slo-Burn, and the powerful and groovy mastodon Unida of which he appeared on their strong and loud first album Coping With The Urban Coyote. Last but not least, Garcia has also been a part of the great heavy-rockers and somewhat supergroup, Hermano.
Generous and curious, Garcia has also guested on countless fellow bands’ songs besides his dozen noteworthy albums. Garcia has appeared on friends Karma To Burn, Arsenal, Danko Jones, and award-winners Crystal Method on their hit “Born Too Slow.”

After sharing a dream-come-true experience with his fans at major festivals and great venues around the world fronting "Kyuss-Lives," he has recorded a follow up to the critically acclaimed Vista Chino album Peace. Garcia has re-invented himself once again with this solo album released on Napalm Records featuring songs he has been working on for years. His anticipated solo album has been hailed as "A masterpiece by the most distinctive voice in all of Desert and Stoner Rock". Released in July 2014, it has become a new classic in the desert scene, and will be supported by heavy touring in Europe, Australia, and North America.