Madjack Records

Madjack Records is an indie label based out of Memphis, TN that was founded in 1998. Madjack Records owners Mark McKinney and Ronny Russell have a good eye for talent. In the early-’00s it was a wave of compelling young Memphis artists such as Lucero and Cory Branan that helped established the label. In the last couple years — after a slow period at the end of the last decade — Madjack has returned with a new class of Bluff City acts including Mark Edgar Stuart, Kait Lawson, the Memphis Dawls and James and the Ultrasounds.

“We go for what speaks to us, first and foremost,” says label founder McKinney. “We’re looking for music that’s outside of our comfort zone and what’s happening within the city limits of Memphis. We’ve been fortunate to see such a tremendous talent pool in town. And we’re always looking for what the next phase of artists in the city is going to deliver.”

Artists associated with Madjack Records include: Cory Branan, Delta Joe Sanders, Eric and Andy, James and The Ultrasounds, Jed Zimmerman, John Kilzer, Kait Lawson, Keith Sykes, Lucero, Mark Edgar Stuart, The Memphis Dawls, Pawtuckets, Rob Jungklas, Susan Marshall, Tennessee Boltsmokers.