Marianne Keith Unison Music Group

Marianne Keith tells tales of love and loss that most anyone can relate to, an eclectic mix of stylistic pop songwriting that takes the listener to places nostalgic, yet fresh, familiar and foreign. Her pristine voice and sweet, soaring melodies bring emotional renewal and affirmation with colorful, clever lyrics. Keith’s many fans have learned not to be fooled by her small frame and young age, her vocals command the room as if she were an old pro.

Long Way Home is the Marianne's most recent release. This set of new Marianne Keith songs has a more stripped down, organic feel. These songs are the expression of Marianne’s experiences cultivated from her life as an artist on the road. With a renewed sense of longing and hope, this collection is sure to hit your heart.

Cathartic features 15 Marianne Keith studio recordings, featuring an eclectic mix of Hot AC/AAA original songs, written by the young Southern California songstress. The sequence of the songs appear in the order in which they were written, giving insight into the unique perspective of the artist, and the cathartic process of emotional healing through words and music. Cathartic was recorded and produced by Grammy nominated producers Bruce Witkin and Ryan Dorn at Unison Music studios in Los Angeles and is Marianne’s second full-length with this production team.

Beautiful Distraction is the engaging debut by Redlands singer-songwriter Marianne Keith. Full of introspective sentiments, pop sensibilities, Marianne's expressive emotions, and keen sense of melody, lively songs such as "Kiss Me in the Rain," give way to the composed passion found on "That's Just the Way Love Goes." Sultry numbers like "The Angry Song" easily connect with the open emotions and raw musical talent found in the piano ballad, "Sideways Rain." Integrating pop, folk, country and more into her musical mix.

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