Music Publishing. Administration. Licensing.
Royalty Collection. Pitching. Synchronization. Asset Management.

As your Music Publisher, our primary responsibilities are to collect your money and Cover Your Assets.
A big part of what we do is FIND YOUR PUBLISHING DOLLARS and CREATE OPPORTUNITIES for your music through licensing.
As one of our clients, you're likely to get these key services covered in a client deal: Music Publishing, Administration, Licensing, Royalty Collection, Pitching, Sychronization and Asset Management. There's plenty of marketing involved as well as publicity, networking and access to industry folk. This is our bread and butter.

But there's much more we offer any client in terms of Artist Services. We've each been in this business more than 20 years and have done it all and can provide you with direct assistance, consultation, or guide you to someone who is an expert in any of the following:

> Artist Management
> Manufacturing/Distribution
> Media & Public Relations
> Merchandising & Design
> Tour Development/Live Events/Showcases
> Online Marketing
> Social Media Management & Networking
> Radio 
> Producer Referrals/Introductions
> Recording Studios Referrals/Facilitating
> Business Affairs Consulting

Yes, but what does it all mean? Let's drill down:
> Artist Management
- much like an artist manager would help strategize with an artist the best way to bring a new project to the market place, we have a lot of experience and relationships to either be an extension of the artists creative team or can help to build one. We've got a vast network of professionals who can provide services on behalf or our clients, tailored to fit any size budget or campaign.

> Manufacturing/Distribution - Can't decide whether to release physical product or just go digital? Vinyl and/or CD releases? Which Distributor should I go to? How do I get to Amazon/iTunes, Spotify etc. We can help you sort out your options.

> Media & Public Relations - We know a great deal of independent publicists that we can turn you on to, who can help develop and implement your media campaign. We've worked with them on some of our own campaigns.

> Merchandising & Design - Stuck looking for great design for your packaging or need someone to create T-Shirts, posters or other custom merch? We can open the door to some great graphic designers and manufacturers to handle your needs. We also know some incredible photographers and video directors should you be looking for one.

> Tour Development/Live Events/Showcases - Routing thru LA, Austin or Nashville? We can help you with the right venues and promoters and such industry events such as SXSW, Americana Music Assoc. and more. We will also set up "Little Brother presents" events from time to time where we invite industry tastemakers, music supervisors, ad agencies etc. In addition we will also help brainstorm and help put your music in the hands of booking agents that we have relationships with.

> Online Marketing - More than just the social networking aspect that targets fans, marketing yourself online means continuing a conversation with online outlets: bloggers, magazines, internet radio, online video broadcasting. Let us connect you to some sources we've established over the years and move your music forward.
> Social Media Management & Networking - Every point of contact is a branding opportunity. Where fans find you on-line and how your represented there can elevate and reinforce your image or detract from it. But isn't it enough to think about booking, recording, touring, and creating? We'll help you maintain your online pressence and put your best foot forward.

> Radio - Another territory where we've been in a van around the country establishing inroads to radio. We can strategize a plan and help you connect the dots.
> Producer Referrals/Introductions - There's great producers who we've worked with who have great track records and make great records. Put your music into the hands of a producer that will make it come to life more than you expected. We can direct you and make introductions.
> Recording Studios Referrals/Facilitating - As with producers, artists always need a good studio. We've done work with many studios and are happy to share the love.
> Business Affairs Consulting - What does this contract mean? Who is HFA? BMI or ASCAP? SEASAC? Everyone's got an opinion. Our Julia's are highly regarded and you'll come out with concrete answers and ideas of what to do next. Then on to writing that next hit.

We understand that artists have many questions and we want to assist you in your journey. Please send us an email and we'll get back to you.